How I Found Weight Loss Success In Spite Of The Everchanging Diet Landcsape

inspiration weight loss Mar 25, 2019

Many years ago, whenever I would get a notion that I needed to work on losing some weight, I would go into the book store thinking I could find a good book on weight loss.  After standing there in the aisle for a while thumbing through books, I would become so overwhelmed with all of the conflicting approaches that I would get frustrated and leave without giving anything a try.  There was just so much conflicting advice from “experts” that I couldn’t decide what to do.

Now with the internet, it has all just gotten worse.  There are so many “gurus” out there insisting that they have the answer to your problem and the answers that they are peddling are completely contradictory to each other! What are you supposed to do?  Unfortunately, this confusion causes a lot of people to get very discouraged and put off dealing with their weight problem.

Well first let’s clear up any confusion about who wrote what you are reading right now, and then you can decide if you want to listen to anything I have to say.  My name is Paula Pierce, and I am the founder of DietBrain.  I am not a “guru”.  I am not a medical professional, nutritionist, dietician, or personal trainer.  I am someone who couldn’t find any solution that I could stick to long enough to lose weight and so I came up with a plan that worked for me.  The plan and approach are based on eating less calories while increasing nutrition by eating more fiber, less fat (still eating healthy fats), and eating less sugar.  The plan relies on a pre-planned menu structure that is family friendly and easy to get on the table fast.  (That is one of the secrets of success for me.)  I created a plan that allowed me to live like I already was.  Throwing things together fast…not cooking from a cookbook every night.  And the fact that it is a system of pre-planned menu options, it is really easy to keep the calories consistently in check so that I can lose weight without spending all that time trying to calculate and plan. So, in short, I’m not an expert, I’m just a fat lady that figured it out.

So now that we have that out of the way, you know who is talking to you here.  What you can expect from this site is wisdom that is based on experience.  I have lost 69  lbs. as of now, 52 of them following my specific plan. ( Those first 17 were lost on a very low-calorie diet that used packaged foods.  It was very effective, but not sustainable. Partly because of cost, partly because it zapped my energy, and partly because it just tasted nasty and I couldn’t see myself doing it long term.  It could be a solution for someone, just not for me!)  The things I share are my own observations and results of my own investigations.  I am sharing because I want to offer encouragement and inspiration and the hope that you also can conquer your weight battle and enjoy the benefits of greater health.  I want to show you at least one viable alternative and give you insight as to how you might find your own answers. 

Basically, I just don’t want to leave you in the bookstore aisle not knowing what to do. 

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