Do You Have A Clear Strategy For Dealing With Halloween Candy?

It’s coming...and there is candy everywhere! If you are trying to lose weight during the fall holiday season, it can be rough. It seems that there are not as many tricks as there are treats, lol. Here are some simple tips to come up with a strategy for dealing with it all successfully.
  1. Don’t open the bag of candy you bought for trick or treaters before Halloween. Remember, you bought it for the kids, not for yourself. Try and contain it to one night of temptation.
  2. Actually look at the calorie content listed on the packaging and plan your treat around that information. I plan on having 3 squares of dark chocolate and maybe a couple pieces of red vine licorice and maybe a tootsie pop. And I will count it towards my daily calorie goal.
  3. If you want to avoid candy altogether, get some dog poop out of your yard and smear it all around the candy bowl. That ought to stop you. ( I AM KIDDING HERE!) If you are trying to avoid it, you could not buy any at all and go out for...
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