How A Specific Meal Plan Improved My Success Mindset

meal plan mindset success Apr 01, 2019

I hear all the time how the key to weight loss is getting your mindset right. “You have to really want it” or “You have to focus and commit to it no matter what comes your way”. Well, I think yes and no. Let me explain.


I have struggled with my weight for my entire adult life. I always “really wanted” to lose weight. At least I did when I started out with a new plan to try again. I really wanted to accomplish it. I really tried to commit. And in the beginning I felt strong. I always thought “maybe this will be the time that I really do it”. I even tried to convince myself that I knew I would succeed. I really really really wanted to be that person. But I couldn't seem to make it happen, and I wondered what was wrong with me.


A typical weight loss attempt for me would consist of finding a new plan that had some success stories and promised results. I would get all excited and start out with high hopes. I would usually make...

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