There Is Nothing Magical About Starting A Diet In January

Every January many of us start to think about trying to lose some weight and get in shape.  After all the holiday food and perhaps a bit of overeating...we may have put on a few pounds.  It's natural to think of the new year as a new opportunity because it is.  The future is always a new opportunity.

But what about March?  What is so magical about January?  Why do we feel more motivated or give those thoughts about self-improvement more "air time" in January?  We really don't need to.  Especially if we have already let a few months slip by without really taking any action or falling short on the changes we wanted to make.

So if you started out in January with high hopes but you kinda got bogged down, how do you start over now?  How do you make this your "new January"?  First, identify what went wrong.  Maybe it was that you didn't really have a plan.  When you don't have a clear plan, you don’t have a clear path...

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