How I lost 52 Pounds Eating Regular Foods From The Grocery Store While Feeding My Family

weight loss menu Mar 19, 2019

I have struggled with my weight for the great majority of my life.  I gained a bit OF weight when I was a teenager, and then a LOT of weight when I had my 5 babies. 

I was a constant dieter.  I was always thinking about it and planning my next diet, but I just never found anything I could stick to.  I didn’t know why, but I always seemed to lose my way.  I was on such a merry go round with the whole thing that I started to wonder if I was even capable of it and was maybe just a little crazy in the head.

And then on top of the whole “crazy in the head” thing I was struggling with, I had 5 kids…so there was always that whole “what’s for dinner” thing going on.  I can’t think of a more awful job assignment for someone who struggles with how much they are eating than to make them in charge of what EVERYONE in their house is eating!  My whole life had turned into a “food thing”! 

But I...

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