About Us

A little more about us...in case you wanted to know!

We are Matt and Paula Pierce.  We decided to create DietBrain as our first major project because, well, we needed to lose weight.  I (Paula) had struggled with my weight since Jr. High school and had tried many things over the years.  I occasionally had moderate success, but for the most part could just never stick with anything.  When we started to really break down the reasons why we struggled so much with other programs it seemed to come down to the same set of problems.


Many programs as well a weight loss apps requires a LOT of planning, shopping, and preparation in order to follow them.  Plus, the suggested food and lifestyle are often so far off from your usual behavior and lifestyle that they are too difficult to realistically incorporate.


Ok, I know this is a good thing, but when I am at a low enough calorie level to produce a loss of 1-2 lbs. per week, I am frequently hungry and cranky.  I don't want to focus on better choices or create a meal plan when I am in that state.  I want someone else to feed me so I can just move on.  If you ask me to make any choice of any kind at that moment, it usually involves the word "whatever" and satisfying my hunger.


Many weight loss programs  either cost a fortune for a membership or more often for the products and food you must buy to maintain them.  Sure, there lots of good free ones available as well, but then I still ran into the problems mentioned above.  For me, tracking my food as I went along was too tedious.

Maybe you think I'm just too lazy

Maybe I am.  Or maybe I'm just tired and overwhelmed.  Does it have to be so hard?  Isn't there something a little more simple out there?  Well, if there is I never found it.  So we made our own.

And now we are bringing it to you.  And it works.  Well.



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